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The group of horse breeds bred in Hungary is Vernius, Furioso-Nordstar, Hydran and Kisber. It took shape in the 19th century. under the influence of demand for a war horse, the breed is named after the ancestor stallions. Nonius (large and small) - horse-drawn horses, obtained from crossing Anglo-Norman stallion Nonius with uterus of several riding breeds. A large nonius can replace a heavy truck, a small one was used in cavalry, works well in harnesses, furioso-Nordstar - riding horses, descended from the crosses of the descendants of two stallions of purebred riding breed - Furioso and Nordstar. They work well under the saddle and are highly regarded as sports horses. Hydran - lightweight riding horses obtained from crossing Arab mares (descendants of the Hydran stallion) with purebred English stallions. Kishber - high-blooded riding horses, outwardly similar to purebred riding horses, but more massive.

V. p. L. imported into the southern regions of the USSR. Divorced, except Hungary, in Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.

Lit .: Book of the Horse, under. ed. S. M. Budyonny, t. 1, M., 1952, Guide for the breeding of farm animals, trans. with it., t. 3, pr. 1, M., 1965.

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Friends, under socialism, such a breed was grown in Bulgaria. The “Pleven horse” was called, the Pleven breed. State Agriculture "GEORGE DIMITROV",

From about 1951 to the 90s. Although its creation begins in the early twentieth century. Approved as a breed in 1951 by a regulation of the Council of Ministers.
Pleven horses were similar to the Terek breed. But their suit was golden, red and red mainly. That is, it seems like the Donchaks of the Karabakh type. Very often there were beautiful white grooves on the head. White boots on legs.
The growth of the Plevonians was average - 2 arshins of 3 points / 155-160 cm /
The Pleven breed of horses on paper still exists. But actually disappeared. The stud farm where horses were bred was closed 20 years ago. 1998-99 year.
The Pleven breed was based on the stallions of the breed HYDRAN. This is a Hungarian breed created in the 19th century. An ancestor of an Arabian stallion named Hydran, a patched suit.
The Hungarian breed "Hydran" was first Arab-Hungarian - like the Strelets and Terek breeds. Then a cross began with purebred English stallions, and the breed became Arabic-English and Anglo-Arabian.
This means that stallions from the Hydran breed were delivered from Hungary to Bulgaria. And they became fitters of the line of the new Bulgarian Pleven breed.
In 1910, a streltsy stallion named Sivori / Anglo-Arab / was brought from Russia to Bulgaria. Which also took part in the creation of the Pleven breed.
In the framework of the Pleven breed 1951-1990, English stallions were also used. But surely - a red suit! The characteristic color of the breed. English stallions were used - for encouraging the athletic qualities of horses and increasing growth.
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Stallion "Impurity". 1953 year of birth. White gouge. White boots. High set “arabic” tail.
Derived from the line of the Pirin stallion. Father: Pelican. Mother: Mika.