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Personality in appearance: how to determine?


Appearance affects the relationships of other people and therefore the character.

If a person is outwardly attractive, then he sees that very many people like it.

From this, his self-esteem rises, self-confidence appears.

And in order for someone to arouse sympathy from the opposite side, some efforts will be required.

With the help of his external data, a person can manipulate people around him, be capricious, demanding and intolerant.

If you are not lucky with your appearance, then a person should constantly think about how to win other people's sympathy for himself.

He must have a very developed charm and other positive qualities.

In this case, a person cannot afford whims and excessive pickiness.

He should not be whimsical.

These are two interconnected processes. And appearance affects character and character on appearance. As a result, after 40 years, many pronounced character traits are reflected on the face of a person. You look at a person, he also did not say a word, but it is immediately clear that he experiences a sense of superiority over others. Either he is touchy, or insincere. On young people, this is not so obvious. On young faces, stubbornness, obstinacy in judgments and an increased sense of self-worth (or the absence of these traits) are clearly visible. Anyway, with age, everything bad and good will manifest. The older I get, the less I make mistakes in people. Unfortunately.

People age differently. Some with age acquire noble features in their appearance and become even more pleasant than in youth - they age beautifully.

And others in youth had a beautiful appearance, and by old age - it’s scary to watch.

That's how character is reflected on the face over time.

Character determines a lot in appearance. Of course, facial expression - but this is not the main thing. More importantly, the character, personality, are reflected, for example, in the look. This is important, since the view plays a crucial role in social relations.

In addition, the character directly and directly correlates with: 1) physique, complexion, 2) a system of muscle tension, the “blocks” that are directly manifested in posture. posture in general. In the positions of the body, breathing, and accordingly the voice. literally in everything. The body, namely the muscles, directly reflect our emotions.

And naturally. character is manifested in the way we move. We move at all: we walk, we press a hand, we rise from a chair and a bed, we lift an object from a floor. Personality / character / emotion and body / muscle structure are inextricably linked. You can even say that we always experience the body. Up to the point that the relationship between specific feelings / experiences and the corresponding muscle groups is highlighted.

The character of a person by the eyes

Black-eyed people are potential leaders. They do not imagine their life without a goal and make every effort to achieve it. Black-eyed men and women are very temperamental, passionate lovers. Due to natural magnetism and large energy, such people are always in the spotlight. However, the coin called “activity” has a flip side - black-eyed people, unfortunately, often become obsessed with some kind of idea.

In addition to emotionality and temperament, people with brown eyes, more than anyone, have a temper. They are extremely easy to get mad - for this, a rather insignificant reason is enough. However, they calm down as quickly, continuing to communicate, as if nothing had happened. The same applies to the love of "brown-eyed". The feelings that these people experience are usually very deep and vibrant, but short-lived. In order for the emotions to last as long as possible, the brown-eyed person must necessarily feel the bestowal.

This eye color is one of the most interesting. The fact is that green-eyed women and men have a completely different character. Ladies with such eye color are, as a rule, impudent and decisive. In addition, green-eyed individuals from ancient times have been attributed the ability to witchcraft.

Men, by contrast, are very soft and supple. They will make caring and faithful husbands. But the career of green-eyed men is not very good, as they are completely devoid of healthy stubbornness. The character of a person with green eyes means an owner and a zealot, but very hardworking, who always strive to achieve their goals.

People with blue eyes are very emotional. They can be attributed to constant fighters for the truth, which they will prove even to the detriment of themselves. In general, blue-eyed people are completely surrendered to anything - they are very good friends, but you should not get on the list of enemies.

Blue and gray eyes

Blue-eyed are in constant search of themselves, therefore they can quite often change their occupation, for the sake of a loved one they can turn mountains. The gray-eyed representatives of the stronger sex are looking for benefits in everything, close relationships with a woman can be an exception, these are pragmatic partners, successful.

Holders of wide and thick eyebrows are usually generous, such a partner will not skimp on gifts. If the eyebrows converge on the nose, then in front of you is a man who appreciates and loves his mother. Therefore, for a long and harmonious relationship with him, you will just need to find a common language with his parent. Among men with fused eyebrows, quite a few henpecked.

If the man’s eyebrows are too thick, and they literally hang over your eyes - before you is an adventurer who is used to getting what he wants, and he is unlikely to reckon with your interests. If the eyebrows are narrow and not thick, their owner has a soft character, he is modest and can even be complex. You should not expect decisive action from such a man.

Personality in appearance: nose, cheekbones, ears and chin

To determine the character, pay attention to the nose. Straight noses of stubborn leaders and strong personalities. If you are ready to unconditionally accept the leadership of such a man, it makes sense for you to consider his candidacy as a partner. Eagle noses are popular with women, but their owners are cunning and often cruel.

These are sexy and attractive men, but rather incredulous in relationships. These are not easy partners. Snub-nosed men of nature are emotional and vulnerable, their money does not linger, because of their innocence and impulsiveness. In general, if you are ready for constant changes in relationships - this is your man.

A sharp and thin nose betrays a romantic and delicate nature, this man will fill your relationship with tenderness, but he is unlikely to be able to solve a problem when it arises. The character of a man with a nose of potatoes - he is a merry fellow, the soul of the company, a little frivolous and windy. The upturned noses speak of temperamental partners living with momentary desires, but the nose with swollen nostrils indicates an amorous and mobile nature.

The character of a person with high cheekbones means that he is power-hungry, used to dictate his conditions in communication, he has a complex character. Low cheekbones, on the contrary, indicate a lack of will and courage. Such a partner will keep the family to the last, and in most cases, in such a pair the leader is a woman. If the cheekbones are low and not low - before you is a man who embodies both willpower and strength of character and at the same time modesty, and the ability to compromise. Dimples on the cheeks indicate good nature and the ability to rejoice, with such a man will never be bored.

The shape of the ears can also tell a lot of interesting things about the character of a person. Fleshy large ears are in imperious and even cruel men. Pointed upward sign of mind and discretion. The holder of tightly pressed ears is cold-blooded and cunning, perhaps the most ideal - these are ears close to a quadrangle, the owners of such ears are noble, kind and firm in their decisions. Men with long ears are stingy and envious, and protruding ears indicate simplicity and frivolity.

This part of the face attracts the same attention as the nose. Women like men with strong-willed chins and this is absolutely justified. A well-defined chin really indicates willpower and the ability to achieve goals. Men with a square chin have determination and a firm character. The protruding chin can be cunning, smart and sharp on the tongue. An inexpressive chin indicates that the man is most likely weak-willed and you can twist the ropes from him.

Man's lips

We all know that in appearance you can determine the nature of a person. One of the important parts of the face is the lips. It is no secret that the male part of the population almost first of all pays attention to the lips of girls. Indeed, all the beauty of the face depends on the shape of the lips, their thickness and shape. In addition, as physiognomists say on the lips, one can determine a person’s attitude to life.

For example, owners of puffy lips differ in passion and sexuality. Moreover, such women know their worth, they try to surround themselves with luxury, and love to receive true pleasure not only from love, but also from life. This also applies to men.

Those who have thin and narrow lips by nature are very stubborn, self-contained and suspicious. Such people, in particular women, achieve their own sweat.

But, despite all these qualities, having made friends with such a person, you can be confident in him, he is very responsible for his work and will fulfill all of the goals in a timely manner. But it’s almost impossible to talk with this type of people, as they are silent and thoughtful.

There are people who have, the upper lip is slightly larger than the lower, such people, as a rule, purposeful and confident. Unfortunately, they elevate these qualities to absolute, that is, they become self-confident and feel their own superiority over the others. It is useless to get involved in a dispute with such people, because they will never change their point of view, it will seem to them that they are 100% right.

And those with a protruding lower lip are selfish, unbalanced and unpredictable, they can get their mood at any time, and very often they don’t know what they want.

The character of a man

To determine the character of a person by appearance, pay attention to the shape of the hands and fingers. Holders of a large palm with thick short fingers, as a rule, have an undeveloped intellect, are prone to superstitions and rudeness. The man who owns wide palms (“shovel-shaped”) with blunt fingers is energetic, hardworking, and decisive. Shyness is alien to him.

Flexible palms with long fingers are often possessed by sensitive, creative and impulsive personalities. Coarse palms of a square shape are inherent in obedient people, conservative, with developed willpower, but limited intelligence. A palm with well-defined, "knotted" finger joints speaks of restraint, hard work, honesty and developed thinking.

Long, pointed fingers are found in individuals prone to religiosity, dreams, unsuitable for life. But most often there are people with "mixed" options that have the most diverse attributes.

How to determine the nature of a person’s hands, depending on their softness. As a rule, owners of soft hands are distinguished by sensitivity, pliability, carelessness and impressionability. If a person’s hands are rigid from birth (and not acquired rigidity as a result of work), this indicates moderate sensitivity and sensitivity, sometimes bad manners.

The color of the skin of the hands and the severity of blood vessels. If the skin of the hands is too red, this indicates excessive nervousness. If the skin is pale, the person is weak, anemic. If the veins are too bulging on your hands, this may indicate a health problem, such as alcohol abuse or kidney disease.

How to find out the nature of a person’s hands, depending on the humidity of the palms. Dry and depleted skin of the hands can also talk about health problems, in particular, hormonal disorders. She also indicates poor nutrition and problems in the intimate sphere. Wet skin of the hands indicates excessive anxiety, pathology of the digestive system.

The temperature of the palms. Cold hands often talk about the "cold" and harsh nature of a person, as well as problems with blood circulation and hormonal disorders. Very warm hands indicate tenderness, excessive sensitivity, as well as a lack of trace elements. If the skin is prone to the appearance of "goose bumps" - this may indicate increased nervousness.

About what?

Obviously, when we touch on the topic of attention to appearance, then first of all we should talk about some kind of deviations that affect the human perception of other people. Deviations in our case can be very diverse - from appearance defects to age-related manifestations. To complete the picture, we give an approximate list of the most “popular” defects and changes in appearance that most concern the modern representative of a civilized society.

So, among others, these are:

  • Defects such as cleft lip and similar, associated with the face and occurring before birth,
  • Various scars - acquired defects, unlike those at the time of birth, this also includes the absence of limbs,
  • Various skin diseases - acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.,
  • Joint diseases, expressed in their deformation,
  • Age-related manifestations, especially concerning facial manifestations - wrinkles, sagging skin on the face and neck.
  • The imperfection of the figure, its apparent inconsistency with certain standards, for example, barbie standards, despite the fact that according to the studies it is completely clear that the anomalous figure is just characteristic of Barbie-i-Ken manifestations.

Where does this attention to appearance come from?

Increased attention to appearance is evident almost from childhood. If the child is not yet able to realize the importance of his own appearance, then for parents this is important even before birth. Remember that occasionally there are cases when parents abandoned their children if they found significant deviations in appearance, not to mention congenital disability. When parents find out that the child will be born with some visible defect in appearance, then for them this often turns out to be a shock, which can be experienced very hard. In this case, early warning helps a lot so that parents can get used to the unusual appearance of the child, as well as advising specialists on the possibility of further correction of such birth defects. But still, after the birth of such a child, some mothers note that close communication with him, as with an “ordinary” newborn, is difficult for them. As a rule, this passes, but not immediately. In the future, such children also live a little more difficult than their peers. What can I say, sometimes the realization that you are not like everyone else and not in the best sense of the word can accompany a person for the rest of his life, influencing his mental state very strongly.

Where such veneration of appearance comes from is not entirely clear to the end.One of the main theories is, accordingly, the theory of natural selection, when defective offspring were poorly adapted to life and quickly perished. That is, if we project the situation on our modern society, people with visible defects are inferior, defective, and able to live only because they are in a “civilized” society. Namely, external defects are given such attention simply because they are noticeable. After all, the same heart defect turns out to be much more life-threatening than skin rashes, but no one stares at such a person - no one knows about his internal problems. And in general, an interesting thing related to classification is that hidden defects are usually called diseases, and external defects often turn out to be inappropriate jokes, bullying, segregation on the basis of appearance, and only then it is recognized that this disease. But most people who come into contact with this person with defects in appearance are not able to get used to it right away.

Appearance is so important that people without external defects, and even better - people who are nice, both face and figure are given a certain advance credit of trust. And, on the contrary, people, including children, are deprived of such a loan. It manifests itself in this way: subconsciously, people expect more from apparently healthy and pretty children and adults than from their less fortunate counterparts. Greater - this means better behavior, better success in school, work, success in life, more hopes are associated with them. That is, in fact, in order to occupy a similar position in the ranking of success, people with visible physical defects have to make more efforts than people who do not have such shortcomings.

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Since childhood

People get their first experience of acquaintance with their appearance defects in case of congenital changes in childhood. Moreover, more often than not from adults, including parents, but from other children. Unfortunately, birth defects are often the subject of bullying and bullying, exacerbating an already complicated relationship with other people. Among adults, a similar picture is less common, but prejudice is still present and people with physical defects feel it well. For them, this creates an atmosphere of additional stress and distress.

The problem of appearance is so acute for many people that some of them, being unable to bear it, often reflect on suicide. For example, according to some studies, up to 6-8% of people with psoriasis in childhood and adulthood seriously thought about suicide (N. Ramsey, D. Harcourt, “Psychology of appearance).

Interestingly, an increase in dissatisfaction with their appearance is observed both among women and among men. The figures vary from country to country, but in general it becomes clear that more than 50% of the civilized world’s population are unhappy with various aspects of their appearance. At the same time, the percentage of dissatisfied significantly depends on age categories. For example, in the category of young people, the number of respondents concerned about their appearance may exceed 80%. At the same time, women are mostly dissatisfied with breasts and buttocks, men are more likely the lack of masculinity in the sense of muscular body. At the same time, there is a category of men who is ready to use radical methods to achieve the given parameters - among them, operations are often carried out to introduce implants for breast and buttock augmentation to give themselves terminator forms.

Appearance is important, it makes no sense to refute it. The proverb “Meet by clothes, but escorted by the mind” is consistent with this statement.

In a relationship

The reasons why people strive to improve their appearance fit into the stereotypes that attractive people are more suitable for developing relationships, they are healthier in all respects, more harmonious. For example, men seek contacts with women without appearance defects, believing that they are healthier, better suited for family life, more healthy offspring will be born from them, and finally, which in many cases is important, you can “go out” without any hesitation. Moreover, the selection criteria for men by women are fundamentally no different.

It will help us:

As you know, some people with visible physical disabilities worry about this. Someone is stronger, someone is weaker. Nevertheless, there is a category of people who are not bothered by their shortcomings or who are only slightly worried. Unfortunately, they are a minority, but they are. The question arises, what factors positively affect people's attitudes to problems in their appearance. There are many of these factors, here are some:

  • a high self-evaluation,
  • effective activity, success in some field,
  • effective coping strategies (what does a person do to overcome a problem, distress, etc.)
  • social support
  • harmonious family relations, support of relatives,
  • optimistic outlook on life (the glass is half full),
  • the use of various methods of relaxation, self-hypnosis and other exercises that can effectively cope with the problem,

The fight for youth

An interesting issue is avoidance and the fight against age-related changes. Nowadays, when the civilized world lives in a rapidly developing, technologically advanced and very interesting world, extremely important discoveries will soon be made in the areas of prolonging life, artificially improving the body, and vigorous activity until old age. This is an excellent background for old age to be transferred to the category of incurable diseases and treated. Actually, this is happening. More and more people are trying to push old age in as many ways as possible - from stem cell injections to regular visits to psychologists (by the way, emotional balance and a positive outlook on life are important components of the path to happiness and longevity). The beauty and youth industry is booming and will flourish - after all, not everyone has joined the race, although the number of people joining the unequal struggle with old age is growing at an enormous pace.

The underlying reasons for the active struggle for youth can be different - here is the fear of death with an attempt to postpone it (deceive, agree) and the desire to be in demand in a particular society, this and the idea that the concept of “you have to look good” should include injections beauty. In general, it is likely that in the next few years we will come to (even almost come to) that looking at our natural age will become something indecent - like unshaven stubble and tousled hair. That is, by paraphrasing Chekhov, we have actually discovered that everything should be beautiful in a person, even in a coffin.

To increase the comfort level of people with visual defects, various psychological and psychotherapeutic methods can be used. Most of them are associated with increased self-esteem, desensitization (decreased sensitivity to the problem), work with psycho-injuries, if any, have occurred (after all, it can all start with some striking case of bullying at school - in adolescence, when children are extremely sensitive in relation to their appearance), the development of positive attitudes, training in social interaction skills (people with visual defects may lack effective communication skills with other people - they are simply nd time did not form) and many others.

Andrey Petrakov

I am a practicing psychologist, I edit this blog and I write a lot for him. It is difficult to name my area of ​​interest in psychology - after all, everything connected with people is incredibly interesting! Now I pay considerable attention to the topics of narcissism, psychological violence, relationships, personality crises, taking responsibility for my life, increasing self-esteem, existential problems.

Body structure and character

Changing the body is much easier than changing the face, however, in order to change forms, you will have to make some efforts, right? That is why, quite rightly the opinion that playing sports affects our character.

  • spiky - betrays inconstancy and envy,
  • a long neck with a small head, on the contrary, indicate weakness and a tendency to melancholy,
  • short neck - a sign of shortsightedness and obstinacy,
  • a thick, "bullish" neck is characteristic of fearless people, and a "lion's" neck (not so thick, but rather large) - for the magnanimous,
  • a long, thin neck betrays a timid, dreamy person.

  • narrow shoulders. According to experts, a narrow rib cage and shoulders down, or even hunched over, indicate a person’s isolation and vulnerability, as well as that he is prone to digging himself,
  • an expanded chest, broad shoulders are a sign of a purposeful, open person, as well as fearlessness.

  • a strong, toned stomach is a sign of endurance, a strong character,
  • flabby and saggy - character weaknesses.

  • narrow, strong hips with tightened buttocks - a sign of endurance, the ability to get out of a difficult situation,
  • hips, with sides hanging over them (like a frog) give out a talker,
  • broad, massive hips indicate obstinacy, but if the features are rounded - the softness of character,
  • thin, weak and poorly defined ankles - a sign of lasciviousness,
  • strong, slender legs testify to the ability to go towards goals.

Type of person and character

The determination of character by facial features often occurs on an instinctive level, in the first seconds of acquaintance. “Horse's face”, “predatory eyes”, “toad mouth” - we immediately project these labels on the character of a person, judge him by appearance. What does physiognomy say about this?

  • a large, convex forehead without hair indicates a mind, a tendency to gain recognition. If he is round at the same time, it is likely that his owner is prone to lying,
  • a long forehead on a narrow face with a small chin indicates cruelty, even tyranny,
  • a square drawing of a hair line speaks of honesty,
  • high bald patches often give out travelers and people with strong motivation,
  • a narrow forehead suggests that its owner is easily angry,
  • low often gives out some limitation, gloominess and practicality.

  • thin, curved eyebrows speak of arrogance and ambitiousness,
  • fused eyebrows often give out jealous, rude and even cruel people,
  • shaggy ones speak of simplicity but sincerity,
  • overhanging eyebrows belong to realists
  • very bright often indicate that their owner is playful and windy.

  • deep-set, small ones give out envy, greed and cunning,
  • big, wide open talk about laziness, daydreaming and talkativeness,
  • small ones - curiosity and eloquence,
  • narrow, with a gaze - cruelty,
  • big, clear - the makings of a leader, the mind.

  • a sharp nose gives out temper and severity of the owner,
  • wide and fat speaks of rudeness,
  • an upturned nose indicates frivolity, daydreaming and moodiness,
  • a long nose, with a hump, speaks of a strict, but not evil character.

  • small betrays a weakness of character, moodiness,
  • big - courage, amusement,
  • the big upper lip speaks of the owner’s selfishness,
  • the protruding lower lip is in people who are used to getting what they want out of life. If it is saggy, it often indicates bile,
  • a narrow mouth symbolizes secrecy, scrupulousness.

  • women often judge the character of a man by appearance and, in particular, by the chin, not without reason there is the expression “strong-willed chin”. Well-defined, sharp, outstanding signals that a person is used to achieve their goals,
  • weakly expressed, blurry indicates modesty and self-doubt.

You can recognize the character by facial features, but approximately, so do not rush to judge a person by first impression. Often the facial expression speaks much more than its features.

Opinions of experts

Recent research in psychology answers this question positively. Even with a passing glance, we can make a fairly reliable judgment about a person’s personality, and the first impression is often reliable. However, it cannot be denied that appearances are sometimes deceiving, and almost everyone in their luggage has similar examples.

Interesting facts in confirming the connection of appearance and character

These statements are based on scientific research.

The ratio between the width and height of persons can determine a person’s chances of success. Want to test yourself? To do this, you need to measure the distance between the ears and the distance between the upper line of your eyes and the upper lip. According to scientists, the lower the number, the higher the chances. The average ratio is usually around 2. For example, at Abraham Lincoln it was 1.93.

Men with a broad face and large cheekbones have a high level of testosterone, the level of which is directly related to aggressiveness, dominance and a rebellious spirit. This trick is regularly used in the film industry, choosing men with rude facial features as conquerors of hearts, rebels and villains.

Wrinkles as a drawing of a person’s character. It’s hard to argue, because we use different facial muscles to smile, cry, frown or raise an eyebrow. Over time, these wrinkles perpetuate commonly used facial emotions. The crow's feet at the corners of the lips and eyes indicate optimism and emotionality, and the fold on the forehead indicates seriousness and rich life experience.

Selfies as a brief autobiography are people who are open to the world and new experiences, are not afraid to look ridiculous in their photographs and behave absolutely relaxed, while neurotic people tend to make the infamous “duck face” in their selfies.

The relationship between nose size and ambition. The larger the nose, the more ambitious its owner. According to studies, people with large noses are prone to perfectionism.

Even twins, who are difficult to distinguish between friends and relatives in childhood, gain more and more differences with age due to the fact that a person leads a dispute with genes, leading an imprint on the face of its owner. It would seem that this can help in determining what kind of life a person leads and what we can expect from him. However, unexpected surprises await us here, because even serial killers and criminals sometimes have angelic faces.

The role of stereotypes

Despite the fact that the opinions of scientists in the existence of a connection between the appearance and character of a person are based on facts confirmed by many studies, our judgments about people can be misleading. And this is partly due to the fact that we ourselves are glad to eat illusions and sometimes do not accept the prompts of our intuition and logic. This is manifested in the halo effect - a stereotype that connects behavior with appearance. We are often inclined to endow beautiful people with all possible virtues, and as a result, sometimes we encounter the fact that positive and pleasant people ultimately bring disappointment. And those who made a bad first impression turn out to be wonderful.

So can we unequivocally answer the question of what is appearance? And is it directly related to the character of a person? How many people, so many opinions. Probably, in answering this question, everyone will be guided by their own life experience and personal examples. But, in turn, I would like to wish everyone less disappointment in people and more interesting, positive, decent, just good representatives of humanity nearby.And what kind of appearance they will have - this is the second question. Indeed, sometimes unattractive-looking people conceal so much warmth and spiritual beauty within themselves that they are capable of making our life bright and happy with their presence.