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Jikin, or Jikin


Enjoykin makes everyone sing, even if they don’t know how to sing. He processes the videos, turning them into music videos. As a result, we see the nightingale being filled with famous people, politicians and heroes of memes. And although he rarely pleases us with new videos, almost all of them are gaining immense popularity and millions of views on YouTube. The secret of his success is simple - uncomplicated, but seizing motive and positive attitude. In the meantime, fans of Angiojkina froze in anticipation of a new hit, we suggest once again to watch his most sensational videos.

Magical abilities Edit

Use the energy of the Carthage Amulet. They are powerful sorcerers, in battle they are able to fight almost equal with the garqs. Not a little about their magical power is the fact that they are able to shoot Navian sketches. In addition to daikini, only the highest hierarchs of the Secret City are capable of this (Prince, Counselors, Commissar, Grand Master, Masters of the Order, Masters of the Boxes, Queen, Priestess, Governor of the Daughters of the Crane).

They also have the ability to control men, charming them no worse than the "Mermaid Kiss" people. Even the hierarchs of the Secret City are unable to resist them. So, for example, shortly after the fall of the Order, Santyaga fell under the spell of Arica Turchi, the masters of the lodges, the grand master Malcolm de Usk and the master of war - under the charm of Angelica de Usk, and the barons of the Green House - the priestesses of Malushi. However, not all men are susceptible to daikini magic. Immunity provides a special combination of genes. The only known man with this combination is Lennart von Graze, the master of the Dragon box during the fall of Miracles.

What does Enjoykin do

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Enjoykin is a video blogger that has been releasing music videos on YouTube since 2012. His channel has almost three million subscribers, and all videos have more than 470 million views.

The first Enjoykin video was released in 2012. Then the author used the songs of Victor Tsoi “Star named the Sun”, “Blood type” and “Cuckoo”, as well as fragments from the film “Green Elephant”.

Since 2013, the blogger began to use memes in the video, as well as special effects and animation, which made his videos better, and the channel more popular.

But the real hit was the 2014 video Nyash Myash with Natalya Poklonskaya, who at that time was the prosecutor of Crimea. Then the video “Tomorrow” was released, dedicated to the curious expresses of Vitali Klitschko.

At the beginning of 2016, Enjoykin made the video “Lamp Nyasha”, dedicated to the Russian streamer Karina, known for her image of a sharp and constantly cursing girl.

In August of that year, one of the most popular videos was released - “Cutlets with mashed potatoes”. The video is based on the corresponding meme.

In March 2017, the author’s video “Non-Color Roses” appeared on the author’s channel with Diana Shurygina, who accused the young guy of rape at the entrance. The court found the young man guilty, but most people still have doubts about the authenticity of Shurygin’s testimony, which during that time managed to get rich on a hype from her story.

The identity of the musical anonymous

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It is known that Enjoykin in his entire life only played a couple of months playing the guitar - and then at school. The musician, if one can call it that, makes extensive use of the vocoder-autotune, changing the frequencies of the original voices to get the melody. Songs and clips are created using audio and video editors by slicing with editing.

Once Enjoykin gave an interview to the site "Fastcult". Excerpts from the conversation led the site Wikireality.

It may seem that my videos are somewhat absurd, psychedelic, and so on, but special attention is paid to the hidden meaning behind these images, reflecting my view of various problems of modern society, relationships between people, various philosophical and cultural phenomena . My goal is not just to entertain the viewer, but rather to make me think

In any case, Enjoykin's identity remains a mystery. The hypothesis of who he is is related to streamer Karina. The girl has a kind of producer and close friend named Andrei Nabokov, who, according to rumors, used to work as one of the IT specialists on the VKontakte social network. In November 2012, he posted on his page the branded avatar Enjoykin - a painted gopnik in a blue hat and with a bottle of beer. Around the same time, the picture appeared on YouTube.