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Topic: Xoloitzcuintle and American Naked Terrier


How often people want to have a pet, but they have many reasons that do not allow them to fulfill their dreams. One of them is allergic to animal hair. But what to do when the desire to give care and love is so strong? There is a beautiful breed that will not make you suffer with wool cleaning - this is an American, a naked representative of the breed of terriers. On his body, the hair is either completely absent or grows very rarely and in the form of a barely noticeable fluffy hair.


It is the American Hairless Terrier that is an excellent pet option for people with severe allergic reactions to animal hair. Its appearance is fully characterized by the name of the breed. This hairless dog is a descendant of the rat terrier, which was famous for its excellent hunting abilities and devotion to the owner.

In the naked variety, the skin has a uniform color, sometimes with contrasting spotting, which increases in size depending on age. Hue can change under the influence of sunlight, like tanning. This feature has the American Hairless Terrier.

Breed description

Representatives are characterized by developed muscles, a deep chest, a powerful shoulder girdle and hind legs. A long neck, slightly tapering to the head, has a smooth curved shape. The forelimbs are straight, with elbow joints pressed to the body. The head has a wedge-shaped convex shape, on the sides of which are V-shaped ears. They can stand when the dog is alert, can also be half-standing, or hanging on a cartilage. Their position stabilizes when the dog reaches puberty. The tail is saber-shaped. Height is up to 45 cm, weight - from 3 to 6 kg. By standards, there are clear distinctions that give the right to classify an individual as a pure breed.


There are two varieties of such a breed as the American Hairless Terrier. Puppies are born with a soft coat over the entire surface of the body, which disappears by the age of 6-8 weeks. Adult representatives of this breed have vegetation only on whiskers, chin and eyebrows. Sometimes single hairs, more like a fluff, are noticeable on the body. This is considered valid. The skin is tactilely soft, prone to sweat in stressful situations or elevated external air temperatures.

The second variety is coated. Representatives of this species have a short, dense and smooth coat, including on whiskers. The color is acceptable in versions: plain white, sable, colorful, with the obligatory presence of spots. They can be of any size. The location also has no particular restrictions. A prerequisite - spots should be white.

The official name of the breed is American Hairless Terrier. It is recognized in Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. But the popularity of these smooth pets is growing in Europe and Japan. The breed has no international level yet.


The American Naked Terrier is by nature a companion dog. It is distinguished by energy, curiosity, has an inquiring mind, and lends itself perfectly to training. From it you can raise the type of dog that is necessary for a particular owner. This breed is so sociable and easily trained that the owners themselves are sometimes surprised by the results.

Due to its belonging to hunting breeds, the American Hairless Terrier has the corresponding instincts. They are fearless, but these dogs do not show holes in vain, because they are constrained by an unusually developed intellect. Despite the good hunting qualities, this breed is not adapted to this occupation. Their skin is too vulnerable for such an activity.

But this dog will be a great friend with joy both for the owner and for the family as a whole, including children. American Terriers simply love kids. They are often credited with the role of caring nannies, but they fall into childhood without any problems. They only give free rein to frolic and play. Their sociability and friendliness are so developed that they get along well even with cats. They revel in the attention of a person, communicating with him by methods of flirting, attentive listening, showing various signs of devotion to the owner.

Representatives of this breed are so energetic that they are ready to share their positive charge with the people around him. Their peppy mood of life is clearly expressed in their funny facial expressions and joyful look. Affectionate, like cats, they sometimes forget their belonging to dogs.

The motor activity of the American Terrier is high. It is characterized by light, fast movements, characterized by dexterity. The front legs provide a large amplitude, as well as the hind legs, which in addition give a powerful push. In general, when moving, the American Terrier moves smoothly and with enviable speed. Such indicators are present due to developed muscles and a balance of the front and hind limbs. The dog perfectly controls his body.

Inappropriate breed features

Often, a displaced bite in the photo is clearly visible. The American Hairless Terrier has a feature - an incomplete row of teeth.

When the breed is clean, the following symptoms are unacceptable:

  • clubfoot,
  • growth more than specified, i.e. over 45 cm,
  • flaws of the color of the covered species - faded yellow-brown or the same with a dark mask, one-color nose, fawn, light shade of silver-blue,
  • ears are erect with an inversion inward, developing, of improper location,
  • sparse hair more than 0.1 cm in length from a representative of a naked species aged more than six months.

Why can they disqualify a dog?

For deficiencies at exhibitions, corresponding points are removed. Disqualifications may result in:

  • bitterness, insecure behavior,
  • deafness (partial or complete),
  • too short legs
  • the ears are completely hanging,
  • inbornly short tail,
  • hard or long coat
  • signs of albinism
  • for the coated variety - lack of white spots or completely monophonic color, with the exception of white.

Care for these representatives of terriers should be serious. Although they are usually unpretentious to living conditions - they do not need special open spaces for living. This pet option is perfect for both an apartment and a private house. However, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the skin.

The dog should be washed twice a week. For prolonged exposure to sunlight, treat the skin with a special cream with a protective factor. Due to the lack of wool, the temperature regime of the American Terrier is slightly different from breeds with a hairline. Therefore, you should stock up on special clothing in several versions, which can protect from rain, cold or the burning sun during a walk.

Also, increased attention should be paid to the condition of the teeth and gums. If it is clearly noticeable that there is inflammation or other symptoms, it is best to consult a veterinarian right away.

The American Naked Terrier has no particular preferences in nutrition. You just need to adhere to the general recommendations for feeding decorative breeds. Both dry food and cooked food can be equally good.

Xoloitzcuintle and American Naked Terrier

Friends, I want to introduce you to these interesting breeds, the Xoloitzcuintle or the Mexican Hairless Dog and the American Hairless Terrier or AGT.
I have been living with a Mexican for 4 years and 2 years of AGT. And I have never regretted that I started these breeds. Frankly, the choice fell on these breeds not by chance, did not want to remove the wool and did not want a long grooming. True, many give birth to naked dogs due to an allergy to the coat, but not always dogs even naked do not cause allergies, unfortunately. But the lack of wool is not the main plus in choosing a breed. These are great companion dogs with a wonderful character. Terriers are certainly great gamers, they bring the ball, they love children. Xolo have a more relaxed character, like to cuddle and roll on the couch, but also passionately engage in coursing.
In winter we walk in clothes, in the summer we sunbathe and swim.
I hope that the owners of these naked women from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region will join us and will also tell about their pets. And I will talk about my guys.

American Hairless Terrier Ramboll

Xoloitzcuintle Yuchi

The story of the American Naked Terrier began in 1972, when Edwin Scott's neighbor gave him a small hairless puppy. This girl was born in a medium-sized rat terrier litter along with regular woolly puppies. In the previous litter, the same parents already had a hairless puppy who died due to hypothermia. The appearance of hairless dogs has been repeatedly noted in this breed. Presumably, this sign came to rat terriers from small English greyhounds - Whippets, who occasionally give birth to hairless puppies and they were always subjected to severe rejection. Edwin Scott and his family really liked this naked puppy, and they decided to leave him to study the nature of his unusual appearance. The puppy was named Josephine, and she became the first American hairless terrier.
Scott showed foresight when he appreciated the great potential of the nascent breed. He received the necessary information about genetic patterns. Everything that is known about these dogs today is based, for the most part, on his personal observations.
In January 1999, the rat terrier was officially recognized by the United Club of Dog Breeders (UKC) in the United States, and hairless representatives as its hairless variety. Then they first appeared in Europe. More precisely, in Denmark, where they came from the United States with their owner.
But the main efforts of the Scott family and their followers were aimed at isolating naked rat-terriers into a separate breed, which they gave the name American Hairless Terrier (AHT). In 2004, they finally won the UKC recognition of American Hairless Terriers, and the standard written at that time was far ahead of its time, anticipating possible changes in the breed. Then in America, there were 800-900 hairless and about 150-200 covered dogs.
In the same 2004, the first kennel of American hairless terriers appeared in Russia. In 2005, the breed was registered in the RKF and allowed to participate in exhibitions. But its official recognition with the publication of the standard in the "Bulletin of the RKF" occurred only in 2009.

The history of the XOLOITZCUINTLE breed takes us back to ancient times, when the civilizations of the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, Zapoteks and Kalima Indians dominated the territory of pre-Columbian Central America. Clay and ceramic images of Xolo, dated three thousand years ago, were found in the graves of the Indians of these tribes. The earliest and most remarkable finds are the famous clay dogs of Colima of Western Mexico, dating from the period 250 years. BC. - 450 BC The clay dogs of Colima provide evidence of the complex relationship that has existed between man and Xolo for centuries. All these relics bear the imprint of civilization's love for these amazing dogs. And although the culture of Colima did not leave us any written artifacts, almost five hundred of the statuettes found indicate the significance of Xolo in the life of Colim.
The name Xoloitzcuintle comes from two words: the name of the Aztec god Xolotl and the word Itzkuintli, which in the Aztec language Nahuatl means "dog." Therefore, two words together mean "the dog of the god Xolotl"

From a mythological point of view, Xolotl was the messenger (courier) of the gods to speak with Miktlankututli (God of the World of the Dead). The Indians believed that after death, only thanks to the guide dog would the soul of the deceased be able to cross the river, which is an obstacle to paradise. And according to the rite, the dog was buried with the owner.
Xoloitzcuintles were even marked on the Mayan calendar, which indicates the extreme importance of these creatures in the history of the Indian tribes.

The word Xoloitzcuintle has many possible translation options: god, slave, guide to the underworld. Recognized today as the National Breed of Mexico, Xolo has played all these roles for centuries.

The Indians used these dogs in all kinds of ritual rites, including for medicinal purposes.
Unfortunately, Xolo did not pass the fate of being food for the Indians. Before the arrival of the conquistadors on the lands of the Indians, their livestock consisted of turkeys, ducks, guinea pigs and dogs. Hairless dogs have been specially bred everywhere for food for centuries. Considered a great delicacy, dog meat was often reserved for special occasions and ceremonial events. Some Xolo were raised exclusively as livestock.
The main evidence of the widespread use of dog meat as food is the famous Dog Market in Akogluan, founded in 1539.

Despite the thousand-year history of Xolo in Mexico, it was not until the 1950s that the breed received official recognition in its historical homeland. According to Norman Pelham Wright, a pedigree historian and author of The Xoloitzcuintle Story, hairless dogs began appearing at Mexican cynological club shows in the 1940s. They were ancient native dogs, interest in them was minimal, information was scarce, and there was no breed standard by which they could be judged. In 1954, Mr. Wright and a group of Xolo fans embarked on a mission to save the breed from extinction. According to Countess Lachelles de Premio Real, they were not optimistic about finding any genuine individuals. 400 years of inattention left their mark on the pedigree type. But to their great surprise, the mission was successful, and the breed was saved. During the expedition to the remote and wild regions of Mexico, ten true Aboriginal Xolo individuals were discovered.

Thanks to these dogs, the breed was restored in Mexico. The committee, led by Norman Pelham Wright, developed a breed standard based on Xolo's ancient descriptions. As a result, on May 1, 195b, the Xoloitzcuintle breed was officially recognized in its homeland. Four years later, about forty individuals were already registered. Xolo was recognized by the Mexican Kennel Federation (FCM), and by 1965 its population had increased to seventy individuals.

Today, more than 2000 Xolo is registered in Mexico and the breed is considered to be the National Treasure of the country. Xolo's images adorn the FCM logo, postage stamps, is a symbol of this country. Xolo appeared in the paintings of famous Mexican artists such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Public interest and the connection between the history of the country and this breed are expressed in the magnificent wall paintings of the National Palace, which depict Xolo. One of the favorite dogs of Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo was a bronze female with light brown mohawk hair on her head. Many other prominent people from different cultural backgrounds appreciated these dogs and helped to preserve them.

this is another dog of mine that lives in a condominium in Moscow, Berenice.

American hairless terrier

In 1972, a significant event took place: in a medium sized litter of a retrier, a completely naked puppy (female) was born. She got the name - Josephine's naked dog. Josephine in the first litter brought a hairless puppy, also a bitch, but there were no hairless puppies in the next few litters.Finally, at the age of nine, she brought offspring in the form of two naked puppies of both sexes. These hairless puppies were the basis of the breeding program for obtaining and stabilizing the breed. It was decided to name the new breed the American Hairless Terrier. These terriers are significantly different from hairless types from Asia and Africa in that the “hairless” gene is not semi-deadly dominant, but autosomal recessive. In addition, these dogs lack premolars or any of the complications of breeding associated with bare breeds. Because of these traits, offspring are truly wonderful and unique in the canine world.


The main characteristics of the American Hairless Terrier (AGT) are identical to the middle retrier, of which he is a direct descendant. AHT is a muscular dog with a deep chest, strong shoulders, a solid neck and powerful legs. Ears are erect, tails should be full length, short is unacceptable. The skin is pink with gray, black, gold or red spots. Hairless puppies are born with a small number of rare fuzzy hairs throughout the body. The puppy will dump this fluff, starting from the head, becomes completely and forever naked, at the age of six weeks. They do not have tufts of hair on the head, legs and tip of the tail. However, they have normal eyebrows and mustaches.
Height 18 - 41 cm. Weight 2.5 - 7 kg. Life expectancy is 14-16 years.

American hairless terrier

History of breed origin

The story of the new breed of pets began in 1972, when a breeder from Louisiana Edwin Scott became the owner of a naked puppy named Josephine from rat terriers. The facts about the birth of hairless animals have been encountered before, being considered a manifestation of mutational processes characteristic of this breed. The owner of the pet was pleasantly surprised by the advantages of keeping a dog without hair, so he decided to start breeding naked individuals.

When the dog was one year old, she brought four puppies. However, only one pet was woolless, the rest were English rat terriers. The official date of registration of the American Naked Terrier breed is 1981. After a long study of the characteristics of the animal, the breeder identified a number of genetic patterns that explain the presence of such a coat. Soon in Louisiana, the Trout Creek Kennel nursery was founded, which was exclusively engaged in the reproduction and popularization of hairless terriers.

For a short period of time, the breed interested many dog ​​breeders, and also became the best solution for people who are allergic to wool. In 1998, it was listed on the American Rare Breeds Association and the National Club of the Rat Terrier. The breed was then placed on the UKC register, but as a hairless variety of rat terriers.

As an independent breed, the American Terrier was registered in 2004. In Russia, this happened a little later - in 2010. Today, owners of such a coat are recognized by the world's leading associations and cynological clubs.

Today, the hairless terrier is of interest to many breeders, and not only in the West, but also in the Russian Federation. Since 2010, representatives of the breed are allowed to take part in exhibition events and fight for the title of champion of the country.

The unofficial name of the breed is Terrier. rat (In America, rats were destroyed with the help of these dexterous and fast animals).

Color and type of coat

In order to expand the AGT breed gene pool, breeders are crossing with the Rat Terrier. As a result, two types of pets appear: compact and medium to size. In this case, the coat can be either short or completely absent. Similar differences are provided by the dominant and recessive genes of both breeds.

There are two varieties of the hairless terrier breed:

  1. First one. After the birth of the puppies have a subtle coat, but with growth it disappears. Adult animals are completely hairless, and only in certain parts of the muzzle a light fluff is allowed. The skin is soft, but prone to sweating in stressful situations or under the influence of high temperature.
  2. The second one. Pets are born with short and smooth hair. It is painted in a colorful or sable shade and has white spots. The size and placement of the hairs does not affect compliance with the standard.

Health and Disease

Being a young breed of dogs, the American hairless terrier is poorly understood, therefore there is no extensive information about its health and vulnerability to diseases. However, due to the lack of hair, the skin is exposed to sunburn and hypothermia. When keeping a puppy, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the skin. It is important to provide gentle skin protection from heat and cold.

In the summer, they apply it sunscreenand in winter - put on a sweater or jumpsuit. The pet needs regular bathing with special shampoo. The skin is also treated with a moisturizing lotion to prevent drying out.

Among the main diseases that often occur in puppies of this breed, there are:

  1. Malfunctions of the digestive system (gastritis or enteritis).
  2. Hepatitis.
  3. Adenovirus.
  4. Staphylococcus

In order to prevent dangerous deviations, the puppy needs to provide a balanced diet and vaccination. Life expectancy is determined by the characteristics of care and the conditions of the animal.

Attitude towards children and others

A special advantage of the naked terrier is its good socialization and love for children. With small family members, these pets are ready to spend a lot of time playing outdoor games with them. In addition, they do not show aggression during rough treatment of the child, which distinguishes them from other terriers and medium-sized dogs.

Animals are polite to strangers. At the same time, they demonstrate excellent sensitivity and attentiveness, therefore, they immediately inform the owner of the approach of an outside person. However, it is not practical to use them as guard dogs, as pets do not have the necessary strength or aggressiveness.

With proper training, representatives of the bald terrier breed find contact with other pets, including dogs and cats. But with small creatures such as rats and hamsters, terriers are feuding. This is due to genetic factors and instincts.


The puppy is characterized by excellent intelligence and obedience. Such character traits make him malleable to training. But some individuals are stubborn, especially if the owner is not involved in raising a puppy.

Animals lead an energetic life, but do not require more than 30-45 minutes a day of outdoor walks. Otherwise, they will get bored and act up. You can keep the dog in the apartment, but before that it is important to teach her basic rules.

Representatives of the breed are able to bark a lot and for a long time. In a city apartment, this feature can be a problem. To exclude it, you need to devote a lot of time to training and education.

Pros and cons of the breed

If we talk about the advantages of the American terrier, then these points should include the following points:

  1. Hypoallergenic due to lack of coat.
  2. Compliant and friendly character.
  3. The small sizes.
  4. Willingness to train and learn.
  5. Excellent socialization and networking with children or pets.

Of the shortcomings of the breed, the skin is vulnerable to burns. Another unpleasant moment is the loud and sonorous barking.

Maintenance, care and nutrition

The lack of coat deprives dog owners of the need to constantly clean indoors. In addition, this feature makes the breed most suitable for allergic people. But this does not mean that pets do not need to be looked after. On the contrary, their skin is highly sensitive to external irritants and needs care.

Dogs feel good both in a small apartment and in a spacious country house.

The main condition of detention is regular walking outdoors.

To maintain clean skin, it should be wiped with wet wipes, as well as conduct bathing procedures at least once a week. Before a walk in the open air, the body is treated with a remedy for sunburn, exposure to wind, cold and rain.

The teeth of the animal are strong enough and do not need complex care. However, the gums are prone to inflammatory processes. A correct and balanced diet helps prevent them.

Auricles are regularly wiped with soapy water or oil. If there is a crust in your ears, you should seek help from a veterinary clinic. Perhaps they indicate parasite damage.

The eyes of the American naked terrier are characterized by high tear. Wipe it with tea or special mixtures once a week.

Claws need trimming every 3-4 months.

Representatives of the breed of naked terrier do not impose requirements on the composition and quality of food. They can be fed with both natural and dry foods. To saturate the body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients, the following foods should be present in the diet:

  1. Lamb and chicken.
  2. Boiled yolk.
  3. Milk and dairy products.
  4. Green vegetables.
  5. Dry feed.

With any form of feeding, the pet must have access to fresh and clean fluids.

How to choose a puppy

When choosing a puppy of a breed of bald terrier, you need to consider a number of rules and criteria. You should not buy an animal from the hands of unverified breeders. It is better to go to a specialized kennel and purchase a dog with a pedigree and official documents confirming its cleanliness.

When looking for a good puppy, you need to make sure that he has white and strong teeth, erect ears and meets the standard. You should also familiarize yourself with the pedigree, the presence or absence of vaccinations and the state of health.

According to the requirements of the breed, the pet must have a black or monophonic nose, dry lips with a snug fit to the muzzle, powerful cheeks and erect or semi-erect ears.

Video about the breed

Specialists claim that purebred hairless terriers are characterized by many advantages, including hypoallergenicity due to lack of coat, complaisance and long life expectancy. Due to the compact size of these animals can be kept in the apartment or in the country. Pets respond well to training, try to obey their master in everything and do not show moodiness.

However, when keeping an American hairless terrier, you need to buy additional accessories and clothing for each season. The skin must be properly looked after using sunscreen and shampoo.

The animal requires protection from cold or heat, so the duration of walks should not exceed 30-45 minutes per day. The rest of the dog of this breed is an excellent pet option with a lot of advantages and good qualities.

Owners opinion

The best friend for humans in the face of massive allergy symptoms is the American Hairless Terrier. Reviews about this breed only confirm all of the above qualities that this pet possesses. The owners believe that a more suitable breed for maintenance in the family can not be found. Moreover, the question of allergic manifestations to the presence of animal hair is completely removed.

Owners call the companion dog a breed of American Naked Terrier. American Hairless Terrier really answers this big name, as the intelligence and reasonableness of this pet is sometimes amazing. He is able to be sensitive to the owner during his illness or fatigue. Like a best friend, he can silently and restrainedly sit side by side at special moments, although no one has taught him this.

According to the owners, in the official descriptions of this breed, not everything is always true. For example, many believe that this dog is unjustifiably called decorative. They argue that, despite the need for special care, their pets are very reserved and not at all capricious representatives of their breed.

Kennel owners are always ready to bring a lot of positive qualities of the American terrier as opposed to all the arguments of potential owners. In fact, you will not find a more unpretentious in nature, the same reliable and intelligent friend. The minimum that the owner can give to such a wonderful pet is to care for his delicate skin. A plus is the fact that there is absolutely no shedding period.

Breed history

In the USA, the first naked terrier appeared in 1972. A bald puppy was accidentally born in a litter from a couple of rat terriers, but they did not reject him. An unusual dog was presented to the Scott family - terrier breeders who became interested in the genetics of a naked puppy and decided to make him the progenitor of a new breed.

The bald terrier named Josephine became the first dog in the Trout Creek Kennel

It is still not known for certain what caused the appearance of a naked puppy in the litter of terriers - a gene mutation or a rush of blood of other breeds, but the fact remains - after eight years, the puppies from the Scottish kennel began to disperse throughout the country. At the end of the eighties, several puppies of the naked American terrier were immediately acquired by breed breeders and organized the first breed club, created the AGT standard and began working on selection. However, as far back as the nineties in the USA, hairless puppies were only a variety or subspecies of rat terriers.

Only in 2004, naked terrier enthusiasts breeders achieved registration of the breed as an independent. Thus, the puppies got to Europe, and from there they spread to the Czech Republic, Finland and, finally, Russia. The first puppy of a hairless terrier brought to the territory of the Russian Federation was a female named Viola. According to the breeders, this dog subdued everyone who saw her with her charm. The dog became the first in the Woodnway kennel.

Now the breed is rapidly and actively developing in Russia, there are more and more owners of naked American terriers, leading their lines from the United States. AGT have been recognized in our country since 2009 and are officially entitled to participate in exhibitions for the Russian champion title. This means that the cynological commission of the Russian Federation reviewed and adopted breed standards enshrined in America.

American Nude Terrier breed standard

If you open the breed standard, you can draw from it data on how the ideal dog of the breed AGT should look. The dog document indicates that the bald terrier is a medium-sized, athletic, muscular-looking dog whose body format implies that the height from the tips of the paws to the withers is slightly less than the length of the body from the chest to the buttocks.

American Naked Terrier Showcase

Animals have a strong body, a straight back, passing into a short lumbar region. The chest is wide, does not compress the internal organs, protrudes forward in the form of an oval. Naked terriers are inherent in proportionality and balance. So, a small proud and proportional head is crowned with erect ears, slightly inclined forward. The face of AGT is wedge-shaped, the bite is “scissors”.

The main distinguishing feature of the bald terrier is the minimum coat, reaching a millimeter. It is noteworthy that AGT puppies are born with a soft and rather fluffy fur, which is worn away when the kids grow up to eight weeks. However, the standard allows areas with longer hair in adult dogs.

The fact is that at the time of the formation of the breed not so many animals participated in the breeding, therefore, to preserve the livestock of American hairless terriers, they were knitted with ancestors - rat terriers. In these litters, both bald puppies and hairy were born (correctly call them “covered”). Despite the fact that the animals had hair, they were carriers of the “naked” gene, and hairless puppies were born in their litters.

Puppies of a naked terrier from one litter

As for the color, any variations are allowed: plain and spotted color of dogs, with gray, red, pink, white or black shimmer. However, dogs that have retained coat in adulthood can have only two standard colors: pure white or sable.

The eyes of hairless terriers have brown shades - from light amber to rich coffee. The nose is usually colored black or dark brown. AGT achieved growth at the withers of about 35-40 centimeters, the weight of an adult dog varies between 3-6 kilograms.

Males are bigger than bitches

How to care for an American Hairless Terrier?

Many people thinking about acquiring a hairless dog are stopped by possible difficulties in grooming. In fact, the content of AGT is not particularly difficult, but the differences from dogs with hair are so obvious that they should not be missed.

The first thing that the owner of an American hairless terrier should know is that the dog needs clothes. In the cold season, it can be a sweater, jumpsuit on the fleece, in the summer - a light cotton outfit that protects the dog's skin from sunlight. Like all hairless animals, the naked terrier not only freezes and suffers from wind and rain, but is also able to sunbathe on a cloudless summer day. The lighter the dog, the worse it is for sunburn. By the way, owners of American hairless terriers often smear animals with children's sunscreens with a high level of SPF.

AGT should have its own wardrobe for any weather

Since clothes protect the skin of an animal not only from temperature effects, but also from dirt, washing the naked terrier will have to be done as it gets dirty. The animal does not have wool that could suffer from private washing, therefore, water procedures of AHT can be carried out at least every week. Moreover, the skin of these dogs is endowed with excellent regenerative properties - scratches and damage heal in just a couple of days. It is important not to use human shampoos or regular soap - the naked terrier needs to purchase special cosmetics designed for hairless animals. Such shampoos do not dry out the skin of the dog, do not cause itching and discomfort.

Hairless Shampoo

It is curious that fleas and other parasites do not live on the skin of American hairless terriers. The fact is that the absence of wool does not allow insects to hide, therefore, the treatment of AHT can only be done with regards to ticks. Do not forget about the prevention of helminthiasis, and, like any other dog, once a quarter feed the anthelmintic drug to the terrier.

The animal also needs other standard procedures: regular vaccination, clipping, brushing

Hypoallergenic American Naked Terrier

There is an opinion that naked terriers are suitable for people suffering from an allergic reaction to “wool” breeds. This statement is partly true, since AGT have unique properties of the skin. The skin of American hairless terriers has a special structure - on its surface there is a fat layer that holds dead skin particles and dandruff. When washing, these particles are washed off without a trace, allowing people with allergies to hair and skin secretions of dogs to get exactly the American hairless terrier. The bonus of a naked dog is also that wool will not fly around the apartment.

The Naked American Terrier has a unique skin structure and is a smaller source of allergens.

But, like any dog, the American Hairless Terrier leaves behind it traces of saliva, secretions that may not be accepted by the immunity of allergy sufferers and are recognized as antigens. Accordingly, the breed cannot be called hypoallergenic in the full sense of the word. But these dogs give a chance to people suffering from some types of allergic reactions to find a four-legged friend. In order for a person to understand if he has a reaction to AGT, you can visit the breeder of the puppies and talk with animals, evaluating the response of the body.

Table. Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

Pros of acquiring a naked terrierCons of acquiring a naked terrier
The compact size allows the dog to live comfortably even in a small apartmentThe dog needs to be dressed, picking up clothes for every season
Due to the characteristics of the skin, the dog is less allergicSkin care requires attention from the owner (use of sunscreen, special shampoo)
No wool during molting, no need to wash for a long time after walkingThe dog is not comfortable outside in the cold season, long walks are hardly feasible
Calm, but friendly, easy to learn, lack of aggressionHigh cost of a puppy - prices for naked terriers start at 40 thousand rubles

American Naked Terrier Health

AHT is a young breed whose genetic code is not fully understood. Nevertheless, in Russia there are already more than one generation of these dogs, and breeders claim that hairless terriers do not have predispositions for any diseases. The main weakness is the delicate skin of the animal, not protected from external factors.

Another weak point of bald terriers is the oral cavity. The owner must carefully monitor the hygiene of the dog’s teeth, regularly clean them using a specialized paste, and also provide the pet with edible toys for self-cleaning. The fact is that representatives of this breed are prone to gum disease and tartar formation. The rest of the naked terriers are strong dogs with excellent immunity.

How to feed the American naked terrier?

Ready-made industrial dry food of superpremium- or holistic-class will be an ideal option for drawing up a diet of a bald terrier. Brands such as Royal Canin offer a complete range of Dermacomfort complete feeds for dogs with skin problems. The composition of the feed is designed in such a way as not only to meet the needs of the animal in the necessary nutrients, macro- and microelements and nutrients, but also take into account the characteristics of dogs with delicate skin.

Dry food "Royal Canin Mini Dermacomfort"

However, a healthy American terrier does not need a special diet, so the owner can turn his attention to other brands: “Pro Plan”, “Eagle Pak”, “Savarra”, “Hills”, “Gow”, “Akana”, “Grandorf” and like that. The main thing is to choose a food suitable for the animal by age and size. Adult American Naked Terriers fit the standard line for medium breeds.

If the owner is determined to feed his pet with natural products, you will have to reflect on the preparation of the diet. The basis of nutrition of the naked terrier should be raw meat (beef, rabbit, turkey, chicken will do). Before you offer the dog a portion, you need to pour meat with boiling water, but it makes no sense to cook it - during heat treatment all the substances necessary for the dog are lost.

Movable naked terriers need a balanced diet

Also, the food of the naked American terrier includes vegetables (carrots, zucchini, pumpkin), vegetable oils (olives, burdock, flaxseed), lactic acid products (cottage cheese, kefir), fruits and berries, eggs. Dogs that feed on “natural” must additionally receive vitamins, for this you can buy popular complexes such as Excel 8 in 1, Beafar, Kanvit, Unitabs Daily Complex. However, it is impossible to feed the animal with vitamins thoughtlessly - before the course, you need to consult a veterinarian and, possibly, pass a general blood test or biochemistry to reliably find out what specific elements the animal lacks.

Feeding the naked terrier must be appropriate for physical activity.

It is recommended to feed an adult American terrier twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, after walks. The portion size should correspond not so much to the appetite of the animal as to the level of its activity. To prevent the dog from gaining excess weight, it is worth limiting the amount of food eaten. Do not forget that naked terriers have a normal, but not elevated body temperature, respectively, they do not need large portions or more calories “to keep warm”.

The history of the origin of the American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terriers (AGT) come from rat terriers, the Pied Piper dog, once popular in the British Isles. For many centuries, British farmers kept terriers on their land to kill rodent pests. The breed was considered as a working-farming and did not cause interest among breeders who do not farm.

In 1972, a naked puppy appeared in the United States in the litter of one pair of Pied Piper Terriers. The rat-terriers had born bald offspring before, and no one would have paid attention to another similar specimen, if not for the case. The Scott family, in which the kitten fell, noticed that it was much easier to take care of naked dogs than hairy ones, and set about trying to breed a new breed.

A bitch named Josephine - that was the name of the ancestor of the breed - was crossed with a male rat-terrier. Of the four puppies, only one was without hair. After that, hairless puppies could not be obtained until 1981. Then Josephine was born two naked terriers.

Soon, the head of the Scott family Edwin founded the Trout Creek Kennel and began promoting a new hypoallergenic breed. In 1998, hairless terriers were recognized by the National Club of Rat Terriers and the American Association of Rare Breeds. In 1999, the "Americans" were named a breed of rat terrier. Recognition as an independent breed, they received after 5 years.

What is considered a rock defect?

Disqualify a dog from the show or remove points for any of the following symptoms:

  • at least one tooth is missing
  • not a scissor bite,
  • not white and not sable color of hair at the hairy subtype,
  • height over 45 cm
  • hairs longer than 1 mm in naked individuals older than 6 months,
  • deafness,
  • disproportionately short legs
  • clubfoot,
  • hanging ears
  • aggressive behavior.

Naked Terrier Content

Terriers are more suitable for keeping in an apartment. You can keep the dog in a private house, but you must ensure that in winter there are no drafts and the animal cannot leave the house on its own. If there is a cathole in the door, it should be tightly closed during the cold season.

It will take several sets of clothes for the pet for each season. In summer, costumes will protect against ultraviolet rays, in winter - from the cold. In the cold, scarves, hats and even socks for dogs will be useful. In warm weather, a cotton t-shirt is enough. In the summer, terriers often sweat, so during active games on the street they must be wiped dry with a towel.

Pet care

Representatives of this breed do not need to be combed regularly, but you should wipe their skin every day and wash 2-3 times a week. Shampoos and cosmetics for dogs should be hypoallergenic. The surface-active detergent must be of natural origin; products with Laureth Sulfate or Lauril Sulfate will not work. The skin of the dog must be regularly moistened, since moisture from the surface evaporates quickly enough.

AHT is prone to gum disease and tartar. It is necessary to regularly examine the teeth of pets and, identifying bleeding, consult a veterinarian. For prophylaxis, they brush their teeth with a special toothpaste for dogs; they offer edible toys as treats, when they chew, the enamel is cleaned and the gums are massaged.

Eyes and ears of pets need daily inspections and cleansing. To cleanse the eyes using a special decoction: brew 2 filter bags of chamomile and leave to brew for 15 minutes. When the broth cools down, moisten a cotton pad in it and wipe the eyes of the pet.

AGT should regularly sharpen its claws. If the pet does not do this, the claws are trimmed with a claw cutter once every 2-3 months.

Representatives of the breed live up to 15-16 years with a favorable outcome. In general, the terriers are in good health: they have good immunity and are not susceptible to any specific diseases.

Puppies are first vaccinated in the 9th week of life. Re-vaccination is carried out after 2 weeks, then - when the dog is six months old. After that, the animal is vaccinated once a year.

Feeding Features

The best option for AGT is ready-made feed of super premium and holistic class. It is advisable that the food be developed specifically for dogs with skin conditions. If the pet is healthy and well-groomed, any food from the line for medium-sized dogs of the appropriate age will suit him.

A 50% natural diet should consist of meat and offal. It is advisable to feed the dog low-fat varieties: beef, turkey, chicken, rabbit. It is not necessary to cook meat, just pour over boiling water to destroy the parasites. Boiled vegetables make up 25% of the diet, the remaining quarter - vegetable oils, cereals, eggs, dairy products.

AGT is eaten 2 times a day: morning and evening after walking. Serving size depends on body weight and physical activity of the animal. The amount of calories consumed should not exceed the amount spent: dogs of this breed are prone to gaining excess weight.

Parenting and training

You need to start raising and training a dog on the day when she crosses the threshold of a new home. First of all, they teach the pet simple commands that do not involve complex actions and will be useful during walks and in unfamiliar places. These include the commands "To me", "You can not", "Fu", "Place" and "Lie".

There are two approaches to dog training. The operant method involves encouraging the dog for each correct action. It can be used to achieve success faster, but it is more difficult to apply this method. Intermediate actions need to be reinforced immediately so that the dog understands why it is praised, which is not always possible during training. However, the classical approach based on conditioned reflexes also works, although its implementation will require more time. In this case, the animal is encouraged only when it completes the command in full.

Basic teams should be trained from 2–3 months of age. By half a year puppies master all 5 teams. From this time they can be used for a walk.

A 6 month old puppy is more assiduous and self-confident. He is able to learn the commands “Near”, “Sit”, “Stand”. You can begin to teach the puppy to bring abandoned things. Training should take place in a playful way, with regular breaks. No corporal punishment!

From 6 to 10 months, dogs go through puberty. Their teeth change, they grow physically stronger and begin to look for their place in the family hierarchy. At this stage, what kind of relationship the owner built with the pet during training (or its absence) is of great importance. If the owner of the pet respectfully treated the dog, but at the same time held a dominant position in relation to it, he will be able to help her build the right relationship with all family members. With such a host, the animal will obey and recognize the authority of both the elderly and the smallest.

Puppy selection criteria

Puppies of this breed are sold in specialized nurseries or from private breeders. In kennels you can buy both already born puppies and those expected from any pair.Private breeders can be seen at the exhibition.

You should not take a puppy home less than one and a half months. By this age, animals receive puppy metrics. The metric is issued to puppies after the actiating procedure - inspection in order to identify "pedigree" and external defects. It shows the data of breeders and parents and the number of the mark in which information about the litter is encoded.

If a pet is needed as a companion, and not for participation in exhibitions, a good owner will still not give the puppy until he turns 45 days old. At this age, cubs learn to interact with the world, eat and move independently. Taking a puppy from his mother for up to one and a half months means not allowing the animal to socialize.

You should not take the first puppy that comes across, you need to evaluate the appearance of the animal. Eyes are festering, ears are dirty, and are there rashes on the skin? Most likely, the cub is sick. The condition of the dog is reflected in the behavior. A sluggish, shy puppy is unlikely to be healthy. If an attractive baby looks good and is active, you need to ask the breeder about his temperament to make sure that the characters of the owner and the potential pet coincide.

A puppy with documents costs 60-80 thousand rubles, puppies of titled parents - from 80 thousand. How much the pet will cost depends on gender, the number of champions in the family and coat. Hairless dogs are more expensive than hairy ones.


For Russia, such a breed as the American Hairless Terrier is still exotic. But the few owners of these unusual and charming dogs with an alien appearance are sure that it is better not to find a pet. Naked terriers are friendly, gentle, intelligent and loyal animals that can bring joy and reciprocate to each person who gave them his heart.

Naked terriers are friendly, gentle, intelligent and loyal animals.