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Message Deneb Keitos »Jan 30, 2012 11:27 AM

Introducing the breeding kennel professionally engaged in the breed of Russian black terriers

Russian black terrier - that sounds proud! This is beauty, strength and courage, nobility and generosity, tenderness and sensitivity, fun and amazing stamina, outstanding intelligence and poise, sociability and quick adaptation to any situation, this is a favorite of any show. A true incorruptible friend whom you can fully and infinitely trust, a universal furry genius, a wonderful creation of nature and man - all this is the Russian Black Terrier.
You need to treat him with responsibility, respect and love - only then will he open his golden heart to you and bring a lot of joy, becoming an indispensable friend. Believe me, you simply will not have time for illness and boredom.

The first Russian black terrier appeared in my family in 1991, and since then my heart belongs to this unique domestic breed, the pride of Russia!
EULEKA DE VIRFOL became the ancestor of almost all of the current black terriers of our kennel and she became the founder of the DENEB-KEITOS kennel, which was registered with FCI in 1997.

Currently there is a rapid development of the nursery. Dogs of the third and fourth generation, having absorbed the blood of their parents, adequately carry the baton. Thanks to them, DENEB-KEITOS has repeatedly become the best exhibition nursery, winner of BIS.

Our nursery has branches in different cities. These branches are headed by people devoted to the breed, to whom I am very, very grateful for their work.

Dogs with our prefix stably show excellent show results. They live in different parts of the world, in different countries and confidently defend the honor of the nursery in the world rings!

Dogs of the kennel are distinguished by good health, healthy joints, a magnificent exterior, beautiful character, loving temperament and a stable nervous system.

Not a single "black" of the DENEB-KEITOS cattery has been left without attention since the moment of birth. Those who have acquired our puppies can always count on advice and help. The dogs must undergo OKD, ZKS, IPO, BH training courses, behavioral tests (which indicates their balanced temperament), and, of course, the exhibition preparation, conducted by experienced handlers, allows us to harmoniously combine the working qualities of our pets with excellent exterior data.

I would like to tell you a lot more. About how beautifully trained Chernys, perceiving every half-hint, every look of the owner. How destructive for the enemy they hold detention and frontal attack. With what courage are exposed. How selflessly protect the owners and their property. What kind of people devoted to the breed make up the nursery’s asset, and how grateful to me for their contribution to the development of the breed. But these stories, these feelings are familiar to all owners of Russian heroes. Therefore, I just say: thank you, Chernysh, for what you are, for filling my life with meaning and joy.
We invite you to visit us on the pages of our site:

Regards, Nursery Manager
Deneb-Keitos - Natalia Stolbova
Russia Kemerovo
Tel: + 7-3842-72-60-05, + 7-913-432-33-22
e-mail: [email protected]
FORUM OF OUR BLACK http://www.denebkeitos.forum24.ru/