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Big-eyed sharks


Shark classification

Overclass: Pisces - Fish Grade: Chondrichthyes - Cartilaginous Fish Pclassmate: Elasmobranchii - Plate-Gill Fish Squadron: Selachomorpha

1. Squad: Carcharhiniformes Compagno - Karhariformes

Family: Carcharhin> Gray Sharks

  1. Genus: Carcharhinus Blainville - Gray Sharks
  2. Genus: Galeocerdo Muller et Henle - T Game Sharks
  3. Genus: Glyphis Agassiz - Freshwater Gray Shark
  4. Genus: Isogomphodon Gill - Pointed Shark
  5. Genus: Lamiopsis Gill - Wide-Shark
  6. Genus: Loxodon Muller et Henle - Scaly-eyed Gray Sharks
  7. Genus: Nasolamia Compagno et Garrick - White Sharks
  8. Genus: Negaprion Whitley - Longjaw Sharks
  9. Genus: Prionace Cantor - Blue Sharks
  10. Genus: Rhizoprionodon Whitley - Long Snout Sharks
  11. Genus: Scoliodon Muller et Henle - Yellow pointed sharks
  12. Genus: Triaenodon Muller et Henle - Reef

Family: Hemigale> Bigeye Sharks
  1. Genus: Chaenogaleus Gill - Large-eyed Hooked Sharks
  2. Genus: Hemigaleus Blleker - Big-Eyed Sharks
  3. Genus: Hemipristis Agassiz - Indian Gray Sharks
  4. Genus: Paragaleus Budker - Striped Sharks
Family: Leptochari> Mustachioed Dog Sharks

Genus: Leptocharias Smith - Mustachio Dog

Family: Proscylli> Striped cat sharks

  1. Genus: Ctenacis Compagno - Harlequin Sharks
  2. Genus: Er> Band Sharks
  3. Genus: Gollum Compagno - New Zealand trident sharks
  4. Genus: Proscyllium Hilgendorf - Striped Cat Sharks

Family: Pseudotriak>False Sharks

Genus: Pseudotriakis Capello - Fine Tooth Sharks

Family: Scyliorhin>Cat sharks

  1. Genus: Apristurus Garman - Black Cat Sharks
  2. Genus: Asymbolus Whitley - Australian Spotted Cat Sharks
  3. Genus: Atelomycterus Garman - Coral Cat Shark
  4. Genus: Aulohalaelurus Fowler - Spiny Cat Sharks
  5. Genus: Cephaloscyllium Gill - Big Sharks
  6. Genus: Cephalurus Bigelow et Schroeder - Big-headed sharks
  7. Genus: Galeus Rafinesque - Sawtails
  8. Genus: Halaelurus Gill - Spotted Sharks
  9. Genus: Haploblepharus Garman - South African Cat Shark
  10. Genus: Holohalaelurus Fowler - African Spotted Sharks
  11. Genus: Parmaturus Garman - Feline Sharks-Parmaturus
  12. Genus: Pentanchus Smith et Radcliffe - Single-fin Cat Sharks
  13. Genus: Poroderma Smith - Mustachioed Feline Sharks
  14. Genus: Schroederichthys Springer - Spotted Feline Sharks
  15. Genus: Scyliorhinus Blainville - Cat Sharks

Family: Sphyrn> Hammerhead Sharks

Genus: Eusphyra Gill - Large-headed hammer fish
Genus: Sphyrna Rafinesque - Hammerfish or Hammerhead Shark

Family: Triak>Cunny sharks

Genus: Furgaleus Whitley - Mustachioed Cun Shark
Genus: Galeorhinus Blainville - Soup Sharks
Genus: Gogolia Compagno - Gogolia
Genus: Hemitriakis Herre - Soup Sharks
Genus: Hypogaleus Smith
Genus: Iago Compagno et Springer - Iago
Genus: Mustelus Linck - Common Cun Sharks
Genus: Scylliogaleus Boulenger - Lime Sharks
Genus: Triakis Muller et Henle - Trident Sharks, or Trident Sharks

2. Squad: Heterodontiformes Berg - Miscellaneous

Family: Geterodont>Multi-Toothed Sharks, or Bull Sharks, or Horned Sharks

Genus: Heterodontus Blainville - Bull sharks, or shaggy sharks, or horned sharks

3.Squad: Hexanchiformes Buen - Polygraniform

Family: Chlamydoselach> Ardent Sharks

Genus: Chlamydoselachus Garman - Shaped Sharks, or Plasma

Family: Hexanch> Multi-Gill Sharks, or Crested Sharks

Genus: Heptranchias Rafinesque - Seven Gill Sharks, or Semi Gobers
Genus: Hexanchus Bonnaterre - Six-headed shark, or six-branch
Genus: Notorhynchus Ayres - Flat-headed Sharks, or Flat-headed Moths
Genus: Leptocharias Smith - Mustachioed Dog Sharks

4. Squad: Lamniformes - Lamiform

Family: Alopi>Fox shark

Genus: Alopias Rafinesque - Fox Sharks, or Sea Foxes

Family: Cetorhin> Giant Sharks

Genus: Cetorhinus Blainville - Giant Shark

Family: Lamn>Llama sharks, or herring sharks

Genus: Carcharodon Smith - Eater Sharks, or White Sharks
Genus: Isurus Rafinesque - Mako Sharks, or Gray-Blue Sharks
Genus: Lamna Cuvier - Herring Sharks

Family: Megachasm>Great Sharks

Genus: Megachasma Taylor, Compagno et Struhsaker - Largemouth Sharks

Family: Mitsukurin>Skapanorinhovye, or sharks-brownies

Genus: Mitsukurina Jordan - Scapanorins, or Shark-Brownies

Family: Odontasp>Sand sharks

Genus: Eugomphodus Gill - Tiger Sand Sharks
Genus: Odontaspis Agassiz - Sand Sharks

Family: Pseudocarchari> False Sand Sharks

Genus: Pseudocarcharias Cadenat - False Sand Sharks

5. Order: Orectolobiformes Compagno - Wobbegong

Family: Brachaelur> Saddlery Sharks

Genus: Brachaelurus Ogilby - Spotted saddlery sharks
Genus: Heteroscyllium Regan - Gray-Blue Saddlery Sharks

Family: Ginglymostomat>Baleen sharks

Genus: Ginglymostoma Muller et Henle - Nanny Sharks
Genus: Nebrius Ruppell - (Sharks-) Nebria

Family: Hemiscylli>Asian cat sharks

Genus: Chiloscyllium Muller et Henle - Asian cat sharks, or cat sharks
Genus: Hemiscyllium Muller et Henle - Indo-Australian Cat Sharks

Family: Orectolob>Carpet sharks, or wobbegong

Genus: Eucrossorhinus Regan - Bearded Wobbegongs
Genus: Orectolobus Bonaparte - Carpet Sharks
Genus: Sutorectus Whitley - Bumpy Carpet Sharks

Family: Parascylli> Collared Sharks

Genus: Cirrhoscyllium Smith et Radcliffe - Scarf Shark
Genus: Parascyllium Gill - Collar Shark

Family: Rhiniodont>Whale sharks

Genus: Rhiniodon Smith - Whale Sharks

Family: Stegostomat>Zebra sharks, or zebra sharks

Genus: Stegostoma Muller et Henle - Zebra Sharks, or Zebra Sharks

6. Squad: Pristiophoriformes - Pyliform

Family: Pristiophor>Saw Sharks

Genus: Pliotrema Regan - Sawtooth Sharks
Genus: Pristiophorus Muller et Henle - Pylons

7. Squad: Squaliformes - Katraobraznye

Family: Echinorhin>Star-spiked sharks, or plaque-sharks

Genus: Echinorhinus Blainville - Plaque Sharks

Family: Oxynot>Trihedral sharks

Genus: Oxynotus Rafinesque - Trihedral Sharks

Family: Squal>Katran sharks, or spiky sharks, or upright sharks

Genus: Aculeola De Buen - Sharks
Genus: Centrophorus Muller et Henle - Short-throated Sharks
Genus: Centroscyllium Muller et Henle - Black Dog Sharks
Genus: Centroscymnus Bocage - White-Eyed Shark
Genus: Cirrhigaleus Tanaka - Mustached Spiky Sharks
Genus: Dalatias Rafinesque - Dalatia, or right-handed sharks
Genus: Deania Jordan et Snyder - Deanya, or Long-snout Spiky Sharks
Genus: Etmopterus Rafinesque - Black Sharks, or Thorny Sharks
Genus: Euprotomicro> Light-Tailed Sharks
Genus: Euprotomicrus Gill - Dwarf Sharks
Genus: Heteroscymno> Dwarf Spiky Sharks
Genus: Isistius Gill - Luminous Sharks
Genus: Mallisquama Dolganov - Malliskwama
Genus: Scymnodalatias Garrick - Scymnodalatia
Genus: Scymnodon Bocage et Capello - Velvet Spiky Sharks
Genus: Somniosus Lesueur - Polar Sharks
Genus: Squaliolus Smith et Radcliffe - Dwarf Spiky Sharks
Genus: Squalus Linnaeus - Spiky Sharks, or Katrans

8. Order: Squatiniformes - Squatiformes

Family: Squatin>Squat, or flat-shark, or angelfish

Genus: Squatina Dumeril - Flat Sharks, or Squat, or Angels


  • 1 Childbirth and species
    • 1.1 Chaenogaleus - hooked large-eyed sharks
    • 1.2 Hemigaleus - big-eyed sharks
    • 1.3 Hemipristis - indian gray sharks
    • 1.4 Paragaleus - striped sharks
  • 2 notes


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